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i don’t miss this blog anymore, all i see on my dash is stereotype punx and dumb feminist shit. i think i’m just gonna follow the 10 people i like on my other one and end up deleting this.

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my boyfriend has to lose weight before going to basic or he’ll literally have to go to fat camp lolololololol

This is the first time ever that I’ve wanted summer to go by as quickly as possible. When Kelvin gets out of basic training we’re going to have $22,000. We’re buying a brand new car and going on a Hawaiian cruise and staying there for a week. Then in the spring of next year I get to go to Paris for 9 days because my friend’s aunt is a flight attendant and is giving us two round trip flight tickets for $300.
Life is good.

my phone finally broke… ugh. and i don’t have money for a new one until my contract is up, who knows when that is…. YAY


i’ve been using the internet for about 13 years and i still don’t know what an rss feed even is

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I’m quitting tumblr

I just read someone getting butthurt over a person captioning their picture ‘derp’ because it was ableist.

Living in a world where absolutely everything must be perfectly PC and no ones feelings are allowed to get bruised makes me wanna fuckin’ off myself. Trigger warning: suicide.

have you ever hated someone so much that when you even see their name you clench your fists? i didn’t think it was possible to hate a bitch with every fiber in my entire being, especially for so long. UGH THE TEENAGE ANGST IS STRONG WITH THIS ONE